Young Medical guides customers through this easy, step-by-step process to project success.

Our ‘6 stages to success’ is a proven assessment and communications- based methodology to create a partnership supporting best value.

Following the stages will aid in the development of a risk mitigated approach for additional or replacement capacity that includes an insight into your requirements, an assessment of the available sites and a plan for effective delivery and operational implementation.

1. Exploration: A project team combining clinical, technical and commercial expertise works together with your staff to understand your requirements and visualise a solution.

2. See it in action: You will be offered the chance to speak with your peers who have used our services, either in person at an active site or on the phone.

3. Tailoring the solution: We deliver a comprehensive project proposal, which includes designs, a site assessment report, recommendations on clinical adjacency and business case support.

4. Development: The build takes place off site in factory conditions, meaning site preparation and construction can take place simultaneously, saving time. 

5. Delivery: The unit is assembled and finished on site, after which a thorough commissioning period takes place.

6. In practice: We offer support and maintenance of the facility throughout the contract.