The Need

The Haaglanden Clinic is a specialist provider of skin therapy and plastic surgery. Its single operating theatre flooded following an issue with a heating system. The clinic, based in The Hague, needed a quick solution to supplement its clinical capacity while the theatre was closed.

The Plan

We responded quickly. Along with the management and estates teams at the clinic, they planned the deployment of a mobile operating theatre. The thorough planning process ensured that they could install the unit and treat patients in as short a time as possible. Working alongside the clinic’s teams and insurers, we implemented the swift delivery of the unit, just one working day from its dispatch from the depot.

The Solution

The mobile operating theatre was fully functional in less than 10 days from the clinic’s original enquiry. The transport team delivered the facility safety and quickly. It was installed and validated for use four days after it was delivered, with operations being performed in the clinical environment three days after that.

Mobile operating theatre in use at the Haaglanden Clinic

The Outcome

The installation of the unit radically reduced the time the clinic were unable to perform procedures. It therefore protected their revenue and delivered the best service for patients.

The Haaglanden Clinic’s Clinical Director Dr. J.F.A van der Werff, told us: “We had heard of the success of other mobile healthcare facilities but we were unsure of exactly how rapid the response would be. They exceeded our expectations in this sense and it allowed us to continue to treat patients in a relatively short time.”