A number of hospitals with an existing Vanguard mobile theatre or ward on site have been able to repurpose these flexible units to support their efforts in dealing with the current crisis.

While some hospitals are using the facility to isolate patients with COVID-19 symptoms or to decant existing internal surgical or clinical space needed for additional intensive care beds, others are using the external units for critical day surgery with the aim of keeping patients away from COVID-19 zones within the main hospital. Examples of procedures that are now being undertaken in Vanguard’s mobile units include emergency surgery, urgent care such as cancer treatment, and the treatment of trauma patients.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions has made available some additional modular facilities to support healthcare providers in Europe with capacity planning and the need for increased resilience as a result of the ongoing crisis.

A small number of high-quality modular wards and operating theatres, which can be used to provide additional surgical or ward capacity are available immediately and can be configured, equipped, transported and made operational very quickly. The modular buildings can also be adapted to suit individual providers’ needs, even as their requirements change, providing additional flexibility.

Options include 10 and 18 bed wards. The 18-bed ward is available for transport to site immediately and provides 16 beds in double rooms and 2 beds in single rooms, with a bathroom containing a shower, sink and toilet. The unit also contains a reception room, main reception, office, medicine room, kitchen, toilet and a dirty utility. This option can also be extended to include an additional 6 beds, though this option will require additional time to set up before the module can be shipped.

The 10 bed wards can be configured and made ready for shipping in 3-4 weeks. A double operating theatre complex with a recovery area is also available for shipping immediately.

Also available are hybrid operating theatre modules that can be configured to house CT scanners, supplied through Vanguard’s onward supply chain. All the modules are currently situated in the Netherlands.

The modular options that are currently available are listed below, but additional wards and theatres in different configurations can be supplied on request.

To enquire about any of our modular solutions, please contact info@vanguardhealthcare.co.uk .

Module Type # beds Total m2 Current Location Status
Ward 18 beds 660 NL 16 beds in double rooms and 2 in single rooms. Packed and ready to ship.
Double operating theatre complex with recovery OT complex 340 NL Ready to ship as operating theatre complex. Reconfigurable to a ward with a maximum of 11 beds in total. Takes 3 weeks to configure, plus shipping.
Ward 10 beds 216 NL Modules in stock and can be configured in 4 weeks, plus shipping.