We have a dedicated consultative engineering design and build team who undertake bespoke projects.

We can offer:

  • Temporary facilities for piloting new surgical delivery methods
  • Healthcare compounds at sites where existing healthcare buildings have been catastrophically damaged.
  • Adjustable iterations to support rebuilding projects on constrained sites
    Large scale construction projects meaning semi-permanent buildings are needed for longer periods of time
  • Healthcare villages for global events, including major sporting events.

All of our solutions are developed by our own engineering design department. We have specialists in engineering design, construction logistics, and transport who work in teams to create the best solutions. Our modules are constructed off-site and finished on site.

We are able to provide equipment packages so that our facilities can be hired as unequipped, partially equipped or fully equipped according to the needs of the hospital. The equipment library includes operating tables, anaesthetic machines, stack systems, specialist lighting, ultra-clean ventilation systems, environmental control systems and endoscopes.