Our mobile solutions are rapidly deployable, demountable and expandable clinical facilities. They need minimal enabling work and can be deployed as self-contained ‘satellite’ facilities.

These facilities can provide additional capacity to cope with demand variations, or replacement capacity to cover during a refurbishment or emergency repairs. It provides a cost-effective and clinically preferable alternative to outsourcing services to nearby hospitals, protecting your hospital’s revenue.

Some of the most common uses for our mobile solutions include:

Day surgery

Our day surgery centre provides an independent facility that can host a complete patient pathway, from admission to discharge. It can stand alone or be connected to the hospital. The operating room is ventilated to Grade C EUGMP standard and the facility includes air conditioning with variable humidification. An integrated, full medical gas bank, vacuum and scavenging systems provide a safe and compliant clinical environment.

Visiting hospital

The visiting hospital is a combination of an operating room and hospital ward. Hospitals can select either a standard operating room, ventilated to Grade C EUGMP, or a laminar flow theatre, ventilated to Grade A EUGMP, to suit requirements. Equipped

with air conditioning systems that allow variable humidification and an integral medical gas bank, vacuum and scavenging systems, the visiting hospital provides a complete clinical environment.