Modular buildings offer almost endless possibilities in form and functionality – components can be added or removed, operating theatres can be enlarged or transformed into a hybrid operating room  and equipment can be exchanged or upgraded.

Our modular facilities are designed with the needs of the user in mind. Innovative solutions are offered that lead to an optimal patient flow, an economic solution, and a safe environment for patients and staff alike. Our facilities always comply with local rules and regulations, with the clinical environment continuously monitored by tailor-made in-house developed control and management systems.

We offer the latest surgical lights, the most ergonomic pendants, unrivalled video routing systems and bespoke RGB lighting systems. We pride ourselves on being vendor neutral and can therefore advise on the best solutions possible, keeping within the budget envelope.

Our modular surgical solutions are available in a variety of different formations;

  • Small temporary complex for bridging a quick renovation of your ventilation system
  • Larger temporary complex for bridging a makeover of your complete operating theatre complex
  • Long-term solution for ongoing capacity issues
  • Long-term solution for off-side patient flows
  • Long-term solution with OT, CSSD, Minor Injury Unit and ICU facilities. We also offer Hybrid operating theatres for minimally invasive procedures

Our solutions can be significantly adapted to your precise requirements.